(Rozman / Molinelli ©)
Middle class pleasures chain the soul
Hid in the shadows of a household
Moments fly by and never return
Rob you of your beauty
Will we ever learn?

All that glitters may not be gold
The whole world is crazy
Yes we're out of control
Who put this madness into my heart
The devil he seized me
Right from the start

You know the time goes by so fast
And you only get one chance

Can hope last forever?
Will I see a change?
Tomorrow will remember
What happened today

I feel the earth tremble, feel it shake
The children cry out
"Save us from our fate"
Can it be true love has no power?
Where did we go wrong?
When did love sour?

Run around complaining
Got nothing to do
Nothing's gonna change
If you don't see it through
Make up your mind
Before it's too late
You got the power
You got to relate