(Rozman / Molinelli ©)
Over shadows of past romance
It's so hard to turn and walk away
Like the winter, my love grows dormant
But the image - it never fades

I try to block out what I heard
But there's something in me burning
Waiting here with a blush for words
I wake alone every morning

You may find it flattering
But I find it captive
(You may find it flattering
But I find it captive)

Cause I'm past all hope of having you
Past a cure, what shall I do?
I keep a place reserved for you
I have a place, a space for you
So close to my heart
You're so close to my heart

The chains on my soul are breaking
It's so sudden and so strange
Without you my heart is aching
The way I feel I cannot change

After all is said and done
Put your foolish pride aside
Tell me that I am the one
The day will come, you will be mine