(Rozman / Molinelli ©)
Another night goes by
A flame is burning
But there's no spark
Words are like prayers
Outpours to heaven
From a humble heart
It's true as written
My love for you will never fade

Anger gives way to reason
A soul for sorrow
Lost in the dark
If this is love
Speak out loud
And whisper not
Don't leave me guessing
End this silent masquerade

With each moment
I have counted my heart beating
Without your love
My life has no meaning

Days of anger pass on by - still
I try to find you
I have no alibi - 'til
I try to find you
I'm guilty
I'm in love
And you're the reason why
Love still shines in this heart of mine

So you speak of love
With words that lack
The power of showing
You must realize
There's a hunger
Between us growing
It's in your smile
My love for you remains the same