(Rozman / Molinelli ©)
The day is done
The sands are flowing
One by one
The moments fall alone

A drink with rum
Impatience growing
Do you have a light?
Air scented with cologne

Some are coming
Some are going
He drives the fastest
Travels on his own

Chewing gum
He's late but knowing
For his date
He just telephoned

(we go)
Far and near
Low and louder
The music plays
The roads go by
Fondest hopes
Decay the hours
Another Day
Another Time

The game is played
But a candle glowing
Kiss the sun
The sun says goodbye

On best behaivor
No ego showing
He's late but clever
To disguise he's shy

Spoke of romance
Her blush was flowing
The night is young
But waits for no one

Over dinner
He tried to win her
She was the girl
Of a different drum